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May, 23 2017
ROSENGINEERING builds a new complex of open-air cages in the Northern Caucasus

By the end of this summer, six new open-air cages will be built In the Leopard Recovery Center in Northern Caucasus, where a unique program of persian leopard reintroduction in the wild nature of Russia is being held. The work is carried out in accordance with the agreement on strategic partnership between JSC "ROSENGINEERING" and Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Centre of Caucasus nature in the field of conservation of biological diversity in the Northern Caucasus.

Three open-air cages will occupy an area of more than 400 m2, another three - about 300 m2, Such area might keep either a new pair of animals bringing offspring, or a female with kittens, or three independent leopards, which occupies two cages for an animal.

As a reminder, according to environmentalists for the successful recruitment of leopard species it is required to form a community of at least 50 species in the wild nature. At the moment there are three persian leopards inhabiting the Northern Caucasus, which were trained at the Leopard Recovery Center and released to the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve in June 2016.

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