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May, 13 2017
ROSENGINEERING among the first in the Race of Heroes 2017

On May, 13 ROSENGINEERING once again took part in the all -Russian mass sport event "Race of Heroes 2017". ROSENGINEERING Employees successfully crossed 11 km cross-country route with difficult obstacles. Following the results of overall standings ROSENGINEERING was 7th at finish among 189 teams.

ROSENGINEERING team is confident that sport and professional success are tightly close. In business and sport the principles are similar. To reach ambitious goals you need to work hard, to overcome difficulties, to work as a team and to be ready for severe competition. ROSENGINEERING always aims only to highest results both in sports and in professional sphere.






The Race of Heroes 2017 took place in Sertolovo (Leningrad region) on the military training area “Pesochnenskiy”. The program of the event is developed on the basis of tests for the training of special forces fighters and includes realistic but safe military imitations.

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